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An Athletes Transition from the NFL to Real Estate : Justin Pugh

Updated: Apr 23

Episode 21

In this episode, NFL’s own Justin Pugh joins Kyle to talk about his journey from first-round NFL draft pick to starting lineman to avid real estate investor. As an underdog, Justin shares what it was like to be underestimated in football and how that instilled in him the mental and physical resilience he carried into business. Justin’s entry to commercial real estate as an owner was a natural one, prompted by the grit and competitiveness needed to succeed in sports. Highlights include new parenthood as an NFL player, shifting from rookie to fighter mentality, and the importance of finding a good mentor.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

01:05 – Justin’s Journey: From Football to Real Estate

03:27 – The Impact of Family on NFL Careers

10:51 – Signing with the Arizona Cardinals

20:53 – College Football’s Highs and Lows

27:47 – Being an NFL Player and a New Parent

35:52 – Building Confidence in the Early Days

38:22 – The NFL Draft

45:23 – The Business Side of the NFL

52:33 – From Rookie to Veteran

01:03:57 – Mental and Physical Strength in the NFL

01:07:13 – Turning to a Success Coach for Guidance

01:11:44 – Navigating Injuries and Management Changes

01:15:13 – The Link Between Football and Real Estate Investments

01:24:42 – The Future: Real Estate Development and Potential NFL Return

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