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Live at ICSC: CEO of BC Wood Properties – Brian Wood

Updated: Jul 5

Episode 26

In this episode, Kyle Matthews interviews longtime friend, founder, and CEO of BC Wood Properties, Brian Wood. Starting in real estate at just 22 years old, Brian purchased a 31,000 square-foot shopping center and has since grown BC Wood Properties to become one of the nation's largest retail landlords. Highlights include Brian's daily routine, the importance of early mornings, and growing up on a farm. Kyle and Brian also talk about patience, the power of teamwork, and personal philosophies that help them embrace challenges and take risks in real estate and real life.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

01:08 – ICSC Convention Insights

03:24 – Daily Routine and Fitness

09:10 – Growing Up in Kentucky

12:07 – College Years and Early Investments

18:48 – Starting BC Wood Properties

21:20 – Inflection Points and Risk Tolerance

27:59 – Balancing Personal and Professional Life

33:16 – Building a Strong Team Culture

34:04 – Internship Program Insights

36:32 – Surviving the Great Financial Crisis

37:38 – Fundraising and Business Growth

47:46 – The Importance of Taking Risks

56:32 – Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

01:00:45 – Reflecting on Success and Patience

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