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CEO of First Washington Realty Alex Nyhan – Live at ICSC

Episode 25

This episode features discussions with high-achiever Alex Nyhan, CEO of First Washington Realty, and a reflective journey of personal growth beyond material achievements. Alex shares his expansive experience in real estate, discussing his company's strategies, leadership, and dissecting the term work-life balance. The narrative shifts to exploring the quest for fulfillment beyond success, highlighting the importance of understanding one's motives, the impact of childhood influences, and the anticipation of continued learning and growth. This blend of professional insights and personal enlightenment offers a holistic view on achieving success while fostering mindfulness and purpose.

Show Notes

00:00 – Welcome to the Matthews Mentality Podcast Live from ICSC

00:20 Spotlight on Alex Nyhan

01:14 First Washington Realty: Strategy and Portfolio Insights

02:39 – The Power of People and Growth in Business

04:51 – Navigating Challenges and Building a Legacy in Real Estate

14:00 Personal Insights: From Musician to CEO

19:10 – The Journey from Georgetown to Harvard Business School

31:11 – Embracing Challenges and Learning at Harvard

33:47 – The Graduate School Experience: A Foundation for Success

34:35 – From Graduate to Government: Navigating Real Estate in D.C.

38:24 – Private Sector Transition: The Forest City Chapter

43:23 – Embracing Ownership: The Leap to First Washington Realty

45:45 – Leadership and Succession: Shaping the Future of First Washington

47:29 – Personal Growth and Family Life: The CEO's Journey

49:20 – Balancing Professional Ambitions with Personal Life

51:21 – Music and Self-Improvement: Unconventional Paths to Personal Growth

52:50 – Success Traits and Future Visions: Insights from a CEO

01:03:26 – Reflections on Development, Success, and the Importance of Needs over Wants

This show is brought to you by Matthews Real Estate Investment Services. Thank you for listening. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact


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