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CEO of PrimeStor Development Arturo Sneider

Episode 5

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by Arturo Sneider. Arturo is the CEO and founding partner of Primestor Development, a leader within the retail sector that focuses on leasing, property management, development, construction management, rehabilitation, and acquisitions. Primestor’s mission is to manage and develop properties that empower the communities they serve, and Arturo has a genuine desire to revitalize neighborhoods through real estate. He is a commercial real estate activist, world traveler, and proactive leader.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Primestor’s journey to reviving communities, empowering change, and making a difference in CRE

  • Why staying curious and doing things with humanity is the key to living a purposeful life

  • Secrets to achieving success through determination and dedication

  • How to have a balanced and thriving career and family

Show Notes

[00:54] – Introduction to Arturo

[06:36] – Day-to-Day and PrimeStor Culture

[08:40] – A Glance at Primestor – The Current Portfolio & Company Overview

[15:44] – Childhood

[22:55] – Helping Communities Through Real Estate

[27:56] – How He Became a Leader in the Community

[30:47] – The Evolution of the Latino Real Estate Industry

[35:41] – The Primestor Name & The Early Days

[46:50] – The Big Wins

[49:52] – Balancing Personal and Professional Commitments and Finding Your Why

[58:13] – What are the Challenges of the Market?

[01:02:05] – Approach to Mentality and Defining Success

[01:12:17]—Advice for Listeners

[01:13:21] – What does the future look like?

How to Reach Arturo Sneider

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