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Chairman And CEO of Continental Properties James Schloemer

Episode 8

In this episode, James Schloemer, Chairman & CEO of Continental Properties, joins Kyle Matthews. The company has been in the real estate business for 44 years and is a nationwide developer of three proprietary brands for rental housing. James’ dedication and vision have driven the company to new heights in the real estate sector, with a track record of over 30,000 apartment homes developed and 18,000 homes currently owned and operated. In this episode, Kyle dives into James’ upbringing, focusing on his career path and intro to entrepreneurship, early-on challenges and personal sacrifices, and the evolution of Continental properties.

Key Topics

  • Personal responsibility and its impact on success

  • Career success and the mindset of perseverance

  • Learning from failures and building credibility

  • Finding motivation and recharging through perspective and contemplation

  • Having eagerness and commitment when you are young is the key to success

Show Notes

[00:55] – Introduction

[05:48] – Current Typical Day/Week

[06:39] – Growing Up in Wisconsin & Career Path

[12:53] – Entrepreneurship & Intro to Real Estate

[20:43] – College Experiences & The Start of Continental

[27:19] – Business Life Early On

[35:51] – Early Challenges & Wins

[48:28] – Scaling & Evolution of the Company + Personal Life

[1:03:27] – Regulation’s Impact on Multifamily Housing

[1:14:46] – Measuring Success & Mentality

[1:34:00] – What’s Next?

[1:37:30] – Advice For Listeners to Achieve the Milestones

How to Reach James Schloemer


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