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Co Founder of GElt Ventures: Keith Wasserman

Updated: Apr 23

Episode 22

Keith Wasserman has “never had a job.” Co-Founder of Gelt Ventures and Kyle Matthews’ longtime friend, Keith is a real estate powerhouse whose tenacity evolved from selling 200,000 assets on eBay in college to acquiring $3 billion worth of multifamily and self-storage properties. After Keith bought his first property in 2009, he met his wife—equally tenacious and an avid cold caller—and the two started what’s now a multi-billion dollar commercial real estate venture in the western United States. Keith discusses investing strategies, building business relationships early on at USC, managing a career with his wife, and overcoming challenges in raising capital.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

00:30 – Building a Real Estate Empire

04:32 – From First Fourplex to Multifamily Mogul

05:42 – Navigating the Market: Strategies and Insights

15:25 – Expanding Gelt's Portfolio

28:13 – The Evolution of Gelt's Operations

37:20 – From Single-Family Homes to Apartment Communities

38:38 – The Art of Balancing Work and Personal Life

39:12 – Finding Joy and Fulfillment in Work

42:12 – Navigating Challenges and Partnerships in Real Estate

44:21 – The Evolution of a Real Estate Career

46:19 – Starting a Fund

01:02:04 – The Power of Building Relationships

01:09:51 – Reflecting on Success and Reputation

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