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Founder And CEO of DLC Management Corp Adam Ifshin

Episode 7

In this episode, your host, Kyle Matthews, is joined by Adam Ifshin, the Founder & CEO of DLC Management Corp. Since DLC’s inception in 1991, Adam has made a tremendous impact on the retail industry and has grown the company to be one of the nation’s premier owners and operators of retail real estate and is one of the most active acquirers of assets with value-add potential. Join Kyle and Adam as they unmask the true testament of entrepreneurship and success, the power of reinvesting in business and people, and the resources that helped him get to where he is today.

Key Topics

  • Overcoming business hardships and his path to becoming CEO

  • The challenges he overcame and made into opportunities to make an outsized margin

  • The power of building an exceptional workplace through investment in people

  • His top entrepreneurial traits for success and building a career

  • The surprising transformation of retail spaces and how landlords have regained leverage

Show Notes

[00:55] – Introduction to Adam Ifshin

[03:30] – Typical Week & Daily Routines

[07:41] – DLC Overview

[13:00] – Life Growing up in NYC & Charting His Path in RE

[33:10] – College & Starting His Own Business

[41:10] – Getting into Real Estate, Life after College, and the founding of DLC

[50:21] – Work-Life Balance & Motivations

[55:38] – The Wall

[01:02:07] – Professional Life, The Grind

[01:11:54] – Challenging Moments

[01:22:39] – Outlook for retail & The Importance of the Store

[01:26:11] – Motivations Today

[01:35:15] – Characteristics & Traits of Successful People

[1:40:48] – The CRE Market

[1:48:57] – Advice & Resources for Listeners

How to Reach Adam Ifshin

Thank you for listening. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact


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