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Live at ICSC: Founder and CEO of Hutensky Capital Partners – Brad Hutensky

Updated: Jul 5

Episode 28

Recorded live during ICSC in Las Vegas, this episode of the Matthews Mentality Podcast features Brad Hutensky, CEO of Hutensky Capital Partners. Kyle asks Brad about his journey in real estate, from his roots in West Hartford, Connecticut to overseeing transactions for more than 30 million square feet across 29 states. Brad shares insider lessons on how to navigate the market, the importance of staying physically healthy, and what it's like working with family. Brad and Kyle also cover broader themes of leadership, reputation, and making a meaningful career.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

01:28 – ICSC Show in Las Vegas

02:02 – Daily Routine and Fitness

05:16 – Lessons from Early Jobs

07:47 – College Years at Dartmouth

14:32 – Working with Family

23:48 – Transition to Real Estate

26:25 – Raising the First Fund

35:58 – How Brad Met His Wife

38:27 – Family Dynamics and Business Relationships

40:29 – The Importance of Goals

43:41 – Navigating the 2008 Financial Crisis

46:43 – Fund Management and Scaling

55:01 – Reflecting on Failures

01:01:01 – The Value of Reputation

01:02:27 – Keys to Success and Leadership

01:11:51 – Final Thoughts

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