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Founder, CEO, and President of TruAmerica Bob Hart

Episode 14

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by Founder, CEO, and President of TruAmerica, Bob Hart. Under Bob’s leadership, TruAmerica has become one of the most active multifamily investors in the United States. Bob oversees acquisitions, asset management, rehabilitation, renovation and disposition of multifamily investments and is also responsible for the national expiation of the firm’s value-add investment platform. 

Show Notes

[00:00] – Introduction

[05:07] – Childhood, Entrepreneurship, and Community Service

[09:28] – Nature vs. Nurture

[10:29] – Staying Humble and Finding Gratitude

[13:26] – College & Getting into Real Estate

[16:51] – The Pivot to Asset Management

[24:23] – Managing Investor Updates & Building a Personal Portfolio

[26:00] – Career Arc with Kennedy Wilson

[30:24] – The Motivation

[38:22] – Investing During Economic Downturns

[41:34] – Founding a New Company – TruAmerica

[46:36] – Business Growth, Culture, and Retention

[54:50] – Real Estate Market Trends & Economic Outlook

[59:21] – Advice for Listeners Getting Started in Investing

[1:02:02] – Investing in California & Government Policies

[01:05:35] – Advice for Listeners to Achieve Success

[01:06:53] – Career Growth, Mentality, and Philanthropy

To Connect with Bob on LinkedIn Click HERE

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