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Founder, Chairman, Publisher at The Real Deal – Amir Korangy

Episode 16

Kyle is joined by a true luminary in the world of publishing, a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and a trailblazer in the real estate and finance news landscape. Amir Korangy, the founder, chairman, and publisher of the esteemed business magazine, The Real Deal, joins The Matthews Mentality Podcast to share his wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insights.

The Real Deal stands as one the country’s largest and most influential real estate and finance news outlets, providing invaluable insights into the dynamic world of New York real estate and beyond. Amir Korangy has not only pioneered a platform of news exclusives, wide-ranging interviews, and in-depth analyses for brokers, developers, investors, appraisers, bankers, architects, and real estate enthusiasts but has also established himself as an investor, film producer, and dedicated professor.

Amir’s journey reflects a deep belief in his vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In this episode, they dive into the mind of a great leader in real estate, exploring the principles that have guided him to success.

Show Notes

(00:00) – Intro 

(03:43) – Why New York? 

(05:11) – Typical Day 

(10:56) – Growing up & Being a Refugee

(22:41) – Immigration Experiences & Cultural Adjustments 

(31:02) – Sports, Football, and Basketball 

(35:58) – Overcoming Adversity & Pursing a Career in Journalism 

(42:12) – The Media Today  

(43:58) – Journalism, Media, and Starting a Magazine 

(50:24) – Decision to go Back to School

(52:27) – Career Choices & Working at Yahoo

(55:04) – Leaving Yahoo to Found the Real Deal 

(1:00:06) – Getting into Real Estate  

(1:02:39) – The First Couple of Years 

(1:05:26) – Work-life-balance

(1:09:06) – The WHY

(1:10:22) – Business Growth

(1:17:25) – Risk-Taking & The GFC 

(1:21:11) – The Real Deal Today

(1:26:27) – Real Estate Insights & Future Plans

(1:28:00) – Personal Fulfillment 

(1:33:25) – Finding Passion & Main Driver

(1:37:56) – Traits in Successful People

(1:42:10) – Mentorship, Leadership, and Personal Growth

(1:46:24) – Advice for the Audience

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