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From Nightclub Promoter to Property Mogul Jared Epstein

Episode 17

In this episode, Kyle sits down with real estate powerhouse Jared Epstein, President at Aurora Capital Associates. He has been instrumental in establishing Aurora as one of the largest owners and most active developers in New York City’s downtown Manhattan market, completing over $2.5 billion in transactions during his tenure. Kyle dives into Jared’s early start in nightclub promoting to playing a pivotal role in reshaping New York’s iconic neighborhoods. Jared shares how he transitioned from working as a broker to aiding Aurora to become the largest landlord in the Meatpacking District. Beyond his professional journey, Jared sheds light on his personal motivations and offers invaluable advice for young professionals, emphasizing hard work, finding mentors, and continuing education. For those looking to break into real estate, this episode provides an inspiring blueprint for success. 

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro

01:04 – Daily Routine & Work Habits in NYC 

03:25 – Current Exciting Projects

06:16 – Jared's Childhood and Family Background

11:52 – Jared's College Life and Early Entrepreneurial Ventures

17:29 – Stint as a Nightclub Promoter

26:04 – Motivation & Decision-making

30:10 – Career Path & Mentorship after 9/11

34:04 – Journey into Real Estate 

39:20 – Career Progression in Real Estate & The Importance of Luck 

48:59 – The Big Deal – Breaking Into the NY Real Estate Market 

53:52 – Personal and Professional Drivers

56:39 – The Growth Stage

01:00:15 – The Role of Family and Personal Growth in Career Development

01:09:20 – Reflections on Career and Advice for Young Professionals

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