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NHL Hall of Fame Defenseman Chris Pronger

Episode 13

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by former professional hockey player, entrepreneur, and investor Chris Pronger. Chris is a Hockey Hall of Famer and one of the NHL’s top 100 greatest players. He’s known as the fiercest and most dominant defenseman in the league’s history and has built an impressive legacy during his 19 seasons in the National Hockey League. Throughout his career, he was a four-time All-Star and won a Norris Trophy as the league’s best defenseman; a Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player; a Stanley Cup; and two Olympic Gold medals. He brings that winning mentality and entrepreneurial spirit to his new venture, Well Inspired Travels, a boutique luxury travel company that caters to athletes, entertainers, C-suite executives, and high-net-worth individuals. He is also spending his time building out his new Whisky business, The JRNY, with his brother Sean and their partner Niagara Falls Craft Distillers.

Show Notes

[01:11] – Introduction

[02:34] – Typical Day – Andy Frissella’s 75 Hard Training Program

[05:11] – Discipline, Routine, and Mental Toughness

[10:49] – Growing Up & Failures

[15:26] – Did Hockey Come Naturally?

[16:50] – Childhood & Nature vs. Nurture

[20:30] – How Would Childhood Friends Describe Chris’ Mentality/Mindset

[27:41] – Decisions Leading to the NHL

[31:12] – Questioning How Badly You Want Something

[33:30] – NHL Draft Experience & Physical Development

[36:48] – First Years with Hartford Whalers & Mullets

[40:36] – The “Welcome to the NHL” Moment

[42:08] – The Challenges of Being a Professional Athlete

[44:34] – Playing in St. Louis & Going Through Adversity

[53:34] – Wayne Gretzky’s Career

[55:27] – Entering the Prime of His career

[59:15] – Injuries Affecting Performance, Thinking about Retiring, and the Comebacks

[01:05:40] – Playing for something bigger than yourself & Leaving a Legacy

[01:08:27] – Winning a Gold Medal vs. the Stanley Cup

[01:10:51] – Athletes’ Identity and Retirement Challenges

[01:13:54] – Career Transitions

[01:18:18] – Finding Teammates in the Business Sense

[01:23:13] – Delivering the News of Retirement & The First Year of Retirement

[01:29:58] – Competitiveness & Championship Moments

[01:38:57] – Pursuit of Winning Today

[01:43:53] – Having a Purpose

[01:44:29] – Advice for Forming Discipline, Routines, and Structures

[01:45:35] – How to Find a Mentor

[01:48:33] – Fear of Failure and Success in Business

[01:53:35] – Near-Death Experience

[02:00:00] – Common Trait of the Best Players

[02:02:32] – Resource For the Audience

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