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Professional Pilot, Blue Angel, Stunt Pilot for Tom Cruise – Scott “Intake” Kartvedt

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Episode 12

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by Scott “Intake” Kartvedt. Scott is a professional pilot and is President for the Blue Angels Foundation. He is an instructor and evaluator for United Airlines in Denver, Colorado; was the number 5 pilot for the Patriot Jet Team, the only civilian jet demonstration team in North America; and was a stunt pilot in TOPGUN Maverick and the aviation safety supervisor in Mission Impossible 8. He was the Navy’s first Commanding Officer of the only F-35C Stealth Strick Fighter Squadron in the US inventory. He’s accumulated over 6,300 flight hours, and 658 carriers arrested landings on 11 aircraft carriers. He also served during five combat deployments and has flown 91 combat missions supporting Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. He is also the author of a book called “Full Throttle: From the Blue Angels to Hollywood Stunt Pilot. 

Show Notes

[01:11] – Introduction

[02:33] – Typical Day Today

[06:40] – Current Exciting Projects

[07:40] – Growing up

[08:15] – Seeing Top Gun for the First Time & Deciding to be a Fighter Pilot

[10:25] – High School & College

[14:27] – Where he found his discipline

[17:10] – Finding his Passion/Pursuing his Dream

[20:45] – How do you pick what jet?

[22:00] – First Operational Tour  

[24:22] – Operation Southern Watch in Iraq

[27:44] – Deployment’s Impact on Home Life

[28:48] – Sacrifice

[33:56] – The Moment he was Selected for the Blue Angels

[38:56] –  Pushing Through Adversity

[46:00] – September 11th

[49:00] – Iraqi Freedom & Close Calls

[52:58] – Running the New F-35 Program

[54:09] – Re-joining Civilian Life & the First Couple of Years

[57:26] – Writing a Book  

[59:39] – Top gun & Maverick

[01:04:41] – Tom Cruise’s Influence on Being Committed to Excellence

[01:06:32] – Other Pivotal Moments

[01:07:46] – His Why

[01:09:03] – Biggest Challenges for Veterans

[01:11:05] – Saying Yes to Everything!

[01:13:15] – Adrenaline Rush Activities Today

[01:14:55] – The Importance of Ambition

[01:18:15] – How do you define success?

[1:20:56] – Advice For Young Professionals

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