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Serial Entrepreneur Nick Huber from The Sweaty Startup

Episode 15

Today, Kyle is joined by Nick Huber; Nick is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator focused on real estate and small business. His entrepreneurial endeavors extend into various industries, with each venture reflected in his commitment to innovation, growth, and making a meaningful impact. Nick oversees an extensive self-storage portfolio encompassing 1.9 million square feet across 62 locations. Beyond his achievements in real estate, Nick is passionate about building communities of like-minded individuals. He is a prolific content creator, amassing a substantial online following through social media and podcasting, hosting two podcasts – The Sweaty Startup and The Nick Huber Show. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Nick Huber continues to leave an indelible mark on the business world. His forward-thinking approach, coupled with a commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering community, positions him as a leading figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Show Notes

(0:00) – Intro to Nick Huber 

(03:41) – Typical Day/Week

(05:16) – Where Nick Spends Most of His Time

(07:35) – Childhood 

(12:40) – Entrepreneurial Mindset at a Young Age

(14:17) – Youth Sports & Parenting 

(21:41) – The Start of it All – The Moving/Storage Business 

(31:27) – Entrance into Commercial Real Estate

(38:57) – Risk-Taking and the Competitive Mindset

(44:40) – Podcasting & Social Media Growth

(57:03) – Entrepreneurship, Business Growth Strategies, and Investing 

(01:07:33) – Criticism and Challenges 

(01:14:18) – End Game For Social Media 

(01:22:15) – Masking Arrogance/Ignorance in the Workplace 

(01:25:13) – What Does Money Mean to you Today 

(01:28:07) – Parenting and Raising Successful Children 

(01:36:21) – The Meaning of Wealth 

(01:40:24) – Success and Legacy 

(01:43:13) – Common Trait/Driver of Those that are Successful 

(01:51:56) – Real Estate Investing + Interest Rates 

(01:54:45) – Advice and Resources for Listeners

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