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The Journey To Becoming One of Forbes Richest Self Made Women : Liz Elting

Episode 20

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by Liz Elting. Liz is the co-founder of the world's largest translation service, TransPerfect, and founder of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation. From building her startup in her college dorm to becoming one of Forbes' richest self-made women, Liz has a unique leadership story to tell. She is the author of “Dream Big and Win,” a book that translates passion into purpose, and is a guest lecturer at Columbia and NYU. Today, Liz shares her insight on the importance of scalability, the complexities of business partnerships, balancing work and family, her commitment to growth, and the role of business in giving back to society.

Show Notes 00:00 Introduction and Early Career

01:38 Liz's Big Moment in 2018

04:09 Current Life and Activities

07:33 Childhood and Early Experiences

09:09 Language Skills and International Experiences

11:03 College and Early Career

34:53 Starting TransPerfect

36:23 Challenges and Successes in Building TransPerfect

43:40 Setting Goals

44:00 The Early Struggles and Triumphs of Entrepreneurship

44:16 The Importance of Resilience

45:57 The Challenges of Self-Funding and Balancing Growth

46:43 The Evolution of Management Style and Company Growth

47:44 The Turning Point: Realizing the Potential for Success

58:28 The Journey to Global Expansion

01:00:41 Work-Life Balance

01:09:00 The Decision to Sell and Achieving Financial Freedom

01:14:57 The Creation of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation

01:23:19 Reflections on a Successful Career and Advice for Young Professionals

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