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The Top Sales Broker in N.Y.C Bob Knakal

Episode 6

In this episode, Kyle Matthews is joined by Bob Knakal, the top sales broker selling investment properties in New York City since 1984. It’s generally accepted that Bob has brokered the sale of more properties, 2,252 & $21 billion to be exact, in New York City than any individual agent EVER. Tune in to this episode to hear Bob’s serendipitous start to a 30-year partnership, what life was like in the first couple of years of brokerage, and learn from Bob the numerous tips to be successful in the commercial real estate market.

Key Topics Discussed

  • How to set yourself apart in a competitive field and provide value

  • The journey of building and then selling a business

  • Why being proactive and accessible drives success. It is the gasoline that runs the engine.

  • The sacrifices needed to achieve great results

  • Success means achieving a deep sense of peace and financial happiness

Show Notes

[01:11] – Introduction to Bob Knakal

[04:33] – The Benefits of Being Active on Social Media

[09:37] – Bob’s Typical Week & Day-to-Day

[15:21] – Selling Buildings is Not Just a Career, it’s a Hobby

[20:35] – Growing up in a Small Town

[30:43] – Getting into Brokerage

[44:17] – The Massey Knakal Catalyst

[46:23] – Value Proposition, Inflection Points, and Almost Going Bankrupt

[59:37] – The Process of Selling a Business & The Psychology Behind It

[01:10:30] – Making the Transition to a Company

[01:11:50] – Mentorship, Mindset, and the Characteristics that Increase the Probability Success

[01:25:14] – What’s going on in the market today?

[01:35:14] – Advice/Resources for Listeners

How to Reach Bob Knakal


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